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September 27, 2023 9:06 am

Women & weed…the 411 on women benefits & use

Women, their rights, and individualities are trending hard in the mainstream media. And with the growth of legalization, the gender’s mark on the marijuana market is booming, too. With good reason, considering cannabis has a plethora of health benefits that can specifically aid women and many of their unique needs. So, how are women and the world of weed connecting? From beauty products, to an increasing number of users, sexual enhancements, and even strains for menstrual symptoms…here’s the 411 on girls and ganja, today.

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The more, the merrier

Marijuana use by women, is nothing new. In fact, ancient history shows that prominent women have been using cannabis to address PMS symptoms, since the 1890’s. Even royalty, like Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. 

So, the queens of today, are only adding to this long-time era of use. A recent study, conducted by the Cannabis Consumers Coalition found that 53% of cannabis users were female, versus 42% reporting males. Making their growth in use, the more the merrier for Mary Jane. 

And a recent news story highlighted this statistic with counterversial tones, just this year. By reporting that pregnant women are using weed more now than ever before. In fact, the number doubled 3.4% to 7% from 2002 to 2017.

With cannabis’ natural relief of nausea, it’s easy to see why. But, that’s not all that weed has to offer women. Pain associated with menstrual cramps, depressed or anxious moods from PMS, and even menopause, can be helped with unique combinations of cannabinoids. 

Lady strains 

As research increases, studies are proving THC, CBD, a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes can help treat common lady issues. For PMS symptoms, cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties typically save the day.  A 2008 study by the US National Library of Medicine, concluded THC is 20 times more anti-inflammatory than aspirin. 

Even more?  Many strains contain the terpenes, caryophyllene or pinene…which are additionally anti-inflammatory, with muscle relaxing effects. Making marijuana’s unique makeup ultra effective for addressing PMS bloating and cycle related discomforts. Caryophyllene and pinene are common terpenes in strains with herbal, spicy or pine aromas. This includes Chemdawg, GG4, any ‘Cookies’ strain and Gelatos too. 

CBD heavy strains, are most recommended for cramping and period pains, overall. Menstrual cramps have been found to be caused in part, due to inflammation, which CBD is best at beating. With THC is a muscle relaxant, the combination of the two can be key for those monthly aches and pains.

As men or women…we’ve all felt the wrath of PMS mood swings. Which weed’s mood enhancing compounds, are helping treat, too. THC is a natural mood elevator, boosting serotonin in the brain. It’s also showing effective in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. Basically able to turn any frown upside down, no matter the time of the month. 

For specific THC heavy strains that’ll help lift spirits, those containing the terpenes Linalool and Limonene have the goods. These terps show extra strength in uplifting and mood elevating effects. Genes like Do-sy-dos and Zkittlez are high in Linalool, and citrus scented genes like Lemon OG, Lemonade Haze and Banana OG are packing the punch in limonene terps. 

Overall, for PMS, many women can benefit greatly from equal indica/sativa hybrids. The heavy indica body effects aid period pain and uncomfort, while sativa effects provide energy, uplifts and calms moods. Finding the balance of CBD, THC, indica and sativa effects can help any PMS sufferer, soothe specific symptoms. 

But don’t think weed can only help women of certain ages. It’s natural remedies are lending themselves to menopause, as well. Pot’s power to address common perimenopause symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, anxiety, ‘weepiness’ and low libido, is even being recommended by the lifestyle brand Goop, led by Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Let’s talk about sex, baby

With that said, marijuana is not just addressing low libidos in those who are menopausal. Across all ages, weed’s proving to enhance sexual experiences, and specifically for women. 

Scientifically, cannabis works as a vasodilator. Which means, it naturally increases blood flow by widening blood vessels.  In turn, this can heighten and stimulate sensations, meaning orgasams can be easier to achieve. 

This comes along with proven research as back-up to the claim. Recently, 68% of respondents in a focused survey reported a more pleasurable sexual experience after consuming cannabis. The report concluded,  “Consumption of small quantities [of marijuana] prior to sex may increase libido in female patients, which in turn can release positive endorphins and increase vaginal lubrication.”

To further boost bedroom pleasures, THC and CBD infused lubricants have recently hit the market, too. If you’re lighting up, and looking for strains that’ll make a sexual spark, most recommend a hybrid with euphoria effects and hints of relaxation, for positive partnering vibes. 

Beauty buzz

Beauty routines are buzzing now more than ever, and especially with the increase of CBD and THC infusions. Products like hair serums to night-creams are turning to weed for boosts of natural remedies that cannabinoids can provide. 

Hair products are infusing with CBD, considering it’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants and proteins. Helpful for hair volume, breakage, overall health, and shine. Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, infused products are also showing success at combating thinning hair, common among aging women, too. 

Skin wise, these anti-inflammatory effects are also proving helpful. Especially in common skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. With little pharmaceutical help in sight for these unsightly blemishes, beauty routines are increasingly turning to natural solutions. Including, cannabis infused face creams and body lotions, that are rising in popularity. Outside of dispensaries or pot shops, even mainstream retailers like Sephora and Ulta are carrying CBD and hemp based products, for the masses.

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Feminine friendly 

As the plant itself must be female to grow into a quality, top-shelf flower…it’s no surprise to see cannabis ladies supporting ladies. But let there be no blurred lines – as Jonah Hill once said…’weed is for the people, it’s the people’s weed’. Like many products that are adaptable to target gender specific benefits, cannabis is no different. With the rise in female influence and women leaders in the industry, weed brands will continue to develop feminine friendly lines and goods. Check out NUG’s selection of premium flower, for strains we’ve mentioned here, to help any ‘her’ feel better. 


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