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NUG Pop Hangover Recipe: The Prickly Burro

Cinco de Mayo is here… and copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed whilst celebrating this commonly misunderstood holiday. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican military victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Drinking to excess can excuse your hangover on May 6th, but it won’t change the date of Mexican Independence Day (September 16, 1810). However you choose to celebrate… Read More »NUG Pop Hangover Recipe: The Prickly Burro

What’s, what? Hemp vs Cannabis CBD

To put it simply, the CBD world has gone wild. With CBD practically everywhere from mainstream media, to gas station shelves…it’s hard to decipher the difference of what’s what. The most glaring variation in products today, comes down to just two words. Hemp derived CBD or cannabis derived CBD. So what’s the difference and how does it affect potency or benefits? Let’s breakdown hemp vs.… Read More »What’s, what? Hemp vs Cannabis CBD