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Monterey Kush Co. is a Cannabis brand from Northern California who produces top shelf flower utilizing state of the art green houses and terpene saving grow practices.

“From flower to concentrates MKC has a large variety of terpene forward products that can enhance any social or business environment you find yourself in.”

We’ve recently partnered with them to produce award winning Live Resin concentrates that showcase NUG’s commitment to quality along with MKC’s terpene saving farming methods. 


The result of a collaboration between Nug Lab and Monterey Kush Co, our Kandy Kush live resin’s ultra-loud terpene profile explodes out of the jar with a deep aroma of cheesy funk and lemon zest. This is the progeny of OG Kush and Trainwreck, two strains known for their loud, distinctive aromas and heavy-hitting highs, captured at its peak maturity, frozen and concentrated to its essence. To the consumer, this means a deep, multi-faceted flavor and a near-overwhelming high that hits the head hard before slowly relaxing the body.”

We are proud of our collaborations and love working with top-shelf California Cannabis growers. For more information on our B2B partnerships head here.