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June 10, 2023 12:13 am

NUG Debuts Premium Matcha White Chocolate Bar with Equal Amounts of CBD and THC


Contact: Alex Rush


NUG Debuts Premium Matcha White Chocolate Bar
with Equal Amounts of CBD and THC

Flavorful new edible is the first of its kind in California  

OAKLAND, CA (XX, 2019) — NUG, one of the premier diversified cannabis companies in California, today announced a unique addition to its lineup of award-winning products: the Matcha White Chocolate NUG Bar containing an equal amount of both CBD and THC. Constituting NUG’s first foray into the CBD space, the new bar is also the first premium matcha-white chocolate edible treat featuring a 1 to 1 ratio of CBD and THC sold in California.

NUG Edibles Department Director Tyler Cooke, a trained chef with nearly 15 years of experience working in restaurants around the world, developed the new Bar by combining high quality “ceremonial grade” matcha with white chocolate and NUG’s one hundred percent single source cannabis distillate. The result is a flavor that’s both sweet and floral, complete with notes of fresh vanilla beans.

Each Bar (1.5 ounces) has 100 mg CBD and 100 mg THC, with 16 mini matcha-white chocolate squares that can be broken off and eaten individually for a micro-dosed snack (6.25 mg of both THC and CBD per serving). The NUG CBD Matcha Chocolate Bar is also gluten-free.

“We’re excited to expand the NUG product portfolio by introducing a delicious edible that’s not only a fusion of flavors, but is our first Bar to feature CBD along with THC in a 1 to 1 ratio,” said Cooke, the Willy Wonka of cannabis who combines his gastronomic expertise with NUG’s superior grow and advanced proprietary technology to create the ultimate edibles. “The wellness benefits of both CBD and matcha have been widely reported so the Matcha White Chocolate NUG Bar is the best of both worlds, with mentally enhancing THC to boot.”

Matcha, whose origins can be traced to 8th century China, is known as an antioxidant powerhouse with more antioxidants than other “superfoods” including goji berries, blueberries and spinach. Matcha has been praised as a detoxifier and also contains vitamin C, selenium, chromium, magnesium, and zinc; and is known as a caffeine alternative that doesn’t cause jitteriness. 

The Matcha White Chocolate NUG Bar joins NUG’s award-winning, customer-favorite line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars, sold in additional chef-designed varieties including Mocha Crunch and Dark Chocolate. The new Bar is available extensively across California, joining the company’s expansive lineup of edible and smokable products, which are sold in more than 80 percent of the state’s dispensaries, including NUG’s own state-of-the-art retail store in Sacramento.

“The Matcha White Chocolate Bar represents another step forward in championing carefully dosed edibles with high quality ingredients that are inviting to both the canna-curious and experienced users,” said Dr. John Oram, NUG Founder and CEO. “It reflects our company’s mission to normalize the cannabis experience in the adult-use market and we look forward to introducing more products that have wide mainstream and wellness appeal.”

NUG cultivates and extracts all of its own cannabis at its cutting-edge Oakland, CA facilities to ensure that only the finest quality is used in its product lines. To find out where to purchase the new Matcha White Chocolate NUG Bar and other products, visit the newly designed official brand website, The new website also features the latest company news, upcoming events, personality profiles, educational articles and more.


About NUG, Inc.
Founded in 2014, NUG, Inc. is a premier, California-licensed, and vertically-integrated cannabis company with significant projected revenue growth based upon its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, extensive distribution network and award-winning brand. NUG operates the highest volume cannabis extraction facility in California, producing the majority of concentrates, vapes and other infused cannabis products sold in California under the NUG label and other leading brands. Through its own distribution company, NUG products are sold in over 80 percent of the licensed retail dispensaries in California, including NUG stores, offering consumers an unparalleled cannabis retail store experience. Follow NUG on 
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