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June 9, 2023 11:53 pm

Love Your Vapes – Vape Cart Storage & Usage – Best Practices

With all the controversy surrounding vape carts and use it’s easy to forget there are quality and trusted products on the market today. Like the newly debuted and premium NUG vape cart’s and those credible vape carts are precious cannabis material that should be used and stored as safely as you care for your bud or concentrate products too. So what are some of the best practices when using vape carts and the ideal way to store the golden and potently organic oils? Before you re-up on your vape cart stash, take the time to brush up on these storage and usage basics.

Best Practices for Vape Cart Use 

Unlike sparking a joint, or lighting a bowl…usage is not always as straightforward with vape carts or devices. And still being a relatively new innovation to the cannabis industry, it never hurts to review a few basic usage tips. Here’s a few of the best practices for vape cart usage that NUG gets down with. 

  • Equip yourself – Ensure you’re properly matching your battery or device to the correctly fitted cart. Vape carts have different threads and power levels, meaning they’ll work the best with their complementary counterparts. 
  • Clean up time – Take the time to take care in keeping your vape cart and pen clean. If your pen is beginning to hit harder, or not at all – it could be from interference between the pen and vape cart connection. To properly clean your vape cart pen lightly dip a q-tip in alcohol and wipe down the interconnecting threads. You can also use an alcohol wipe or alcohol soaked q-tip to remove any stickiness on the exterior of the pen too. 
  • Wet the wick – Every vape cart has an inner wick that is heated for the vape puffs you inhale. So if your wick isn’t wet with oil, you won’t be enjoying any hits. To avoid drying out your wick always hit your pen vertically and similarly store it standing tall.
  • Backup plan – If you’re a frequent vape cart user you should always try to carry a backup battery or backup vape cart too. 
Vape Cart Storage Done Safely  

If you’re a daily or even infrequent smoker…you probably have a special stash box or dab jar safely containing your ganja goods. But what about your vape carts? The oil material should be stored in a similar manner to dually protect the integrity and potency of the all natural ingredients inside. Nevertheless, most users most likely have loose carts on trays, dresser tops, in pockets, purses, and bags left to fend for themselves. 

Which is why we’ve compiled the following list of vape cart storage tips. Let’s give back the love to the vape carts you love to toke on, and travel with. 

  • Keep it cool – Oil can evaporate, so leaving your vape carts in hot or warm spaces like in a car or by heating vent means you could be losing out on prized product. It can also discolor the vape cart’s oil, affecting its taste too.  For quality longevity it’s best to keep your vape carts in cool and dry areas. 
  • Not too cool – With that said, a deep freeze is too cool so don’t think popping carts in your freezer will increase their lifespan. Freezing temperatures create moisture within the cart glass, which condenses as water. This could damage your vape cart’s functionality once unthawed. Room temperature or around 70 degrees is recommended. 
  • Blinded by the light – Like flower, it’s best to keep your vape cart out of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet lights degrade THC content, thereby stealing potency from your precious product. A closed box is ideal, or a dark space free of windows works too. 
  • Case closed – If your vape cart came in a handy case. Close it up and store it there when not in use. The vape cart container was designed to ultimately protect the valuable oil for your enjoyment, and consumption. To avoid damage or unnecessary breakage, it’s best to save and utilize the packaging your vape cart came in. 
  • Unscrew not to lose – To further extend the life of your vape cart, unscrew it from its device or battery when not in use. This avoids accidental heating of the oil, and leakage.
  • Afraid of heights – Air pressure at higher altitudes forces air into your vape cart device. Which can cause leaks and hinders the functionality of your vape cart. Making it best to get low to avoid interfering with typically smooth inhales. 
Here to stay are vapes

Chances are if you’ve enjoyed the smooth, discreet, and simple joys of vaping cannabis you’re going to continue vaping safely. With these quick tips and best use practices you’ll give your vape carts the care they deserve, while leveling up your vaping game. To enhance your elevation even more check out NUG’s fresh premium line of vape carts, available for purchase now!  


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