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NUG Cananbis

Shop NUG’s cannabis dispensaries, online or in the dispensaries, for the widest selection of award-winning NUG Premium indoor flower, award-wining chocolate and edibles, live resin cannabis cartridges and all the best disposable and reusable pods. Browse your your favorite premium cannabis brands, including Stiiizy, Lolo, Jeeter, Trinity Reserve, West Coast Cure, Raw Garden, Seven Leaves, Wyld, Himalaya, West Coast Cure, Lost Farm, Heavy Hitters, and Fig Farms. Order online and pick up in store.

Prickly Pear & Key Lime NUGarita Our new NUG pops are great frozen BUT they are also great mixers! Check out this recipe for the NUGaritia! Recipe created by @_glassalwaysfull

Up close & personal with NUG – Tyson Griffin edition

Like the world of weed, Tyson Griffin has gone through transformations during his life. The former MMA athlete and now a turned trainer, is taking on a new venture as a licensed Holistic Lifestyle Coach under the C.H.E.K Institute with cannabis as a catalyst. Similar to a good NUG – there’s more to Tyson than meets the eye. Beyond his tough-guy and sculpted figure, lies… Read More »Up close & personal with NUG – Tyson Griffin edition

Vape Cart Testing

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Weed NUG – Premium Vape Cart Vape carts are recently trending and for all the wrong reasons. What began as a discrete, on-the-go and purified form of consuming THC, has become a potentially harmful practice. Even though a number of branded vape cart products like NUG’s new vape carts are 100% safe…and deliciously easy to elevate with still too. So how… Read More »Vape Cart Testing

Love Your Vapes – Vape Cart Storage & Usage – Best Practices

With all the controversy surrounding vape carts and use it’s easy to forget there are quality and trusted products on the market today. Like the newly debuted and premium NUG vape cart’s and those credible vape carts are precious cannabis material that should be used and stored as safely as you care for your bud or concentrate products too. So what are some of the… Read More »Love Your Vapes – Vape Cart Storage & Usage – Best Practices

Women & weed…the 411 on women benefits & use

Women, their rights, and individualities are trending hard in the mainstream media. And with the growth of legalization, the gender’s mark on the marijuana market is booming, too. With good reason, considering cannabis has a plethora of health benefits that can specifically aid women and many of their unique needs. So, how are women and the world of weed connecting? From beauty products, to an… Read More »Women & weed…the 411 on women benefits & use

What is Kief?

Kief is one of those terms that is unique to the cannabis world. But anyone who’s lit up before, has experience with the material whether they know it or not. Simply put, kief is the sticky-icky resin or crystals that coat NUGs of weed. So, a natural collection of the highly potent sift grows as you grind. Here we’ll show you how to get the… Read More »What is Kief?

More about CBD & THC : Find your perfect balance ratio

When purchasing a pot product nowadays, it’s a lot more complex than dealing for dimebags from your best connect. With advancements in testing, fine-tuning of strains, and labeled information – it can ‘cause canna-complications or confusion. Unless of course, you know what you’re looking for, and how to decipher packaged ratios & percentages. If that’s not the case then you’re in the right place. Here… Read More »More about CBD & THC : Find your perfect balance ratio